On the 7th July 2016, Capital Mass hosted a round table day with leading housing experts and activists; unpacking the Housing Crisis in London and exploring ways in which parishes could address it.

Below are a series of short films from the guest’s who attended the day as well as links to further reading and to organisation with whom you may want to partner with.

Over time further materials or new partners will be added to this page.

Every blessing as you seek to speak or act into this area of need, which is impacting approximately 40% of Londoners.

London’s Housing Crisis Video Library

Can the crisis be defined?

Alison Gelder, Chief Executive of Housing Justice reveals the wider impact of the crisis effecting London on different levels.

The roots of the crisis.

Revd Paul Nicolson of Tax Payers Against Poverty provides a historical perspective on the housing crisis.

Causes and Suitability.

Moira of Green Pastures explains that people need more than shelter, they need somewhere to call home.

It’s a pastoral crisis.

Canon Saxby of London Churches Social Action it impacts aspirations and security.

It’s all about people.

Our definition of the crisis needs to be defined as PEOPLE

Community and Churches.

Tackling the issues of Isolation, Alienation and Fractured Communities caused by the crisis.

How can churches respond through property?

An introduction to the work of Green Pastures

Churches responding and being counted?

Being Church standing in solidarity

It’s small acts that make a huge difference.

So why not start?

Resourcing mission through provision of home.

Introducing the work of Mission Housing

Investing in a brighter future for all involved.

Introducing the work of Hope into Action

How St John’s Hoxton, is responding.

A church responding in more ways than one

On the 20th October 2016, London Churches Social Action hosted a day to explore a Common Voice into the Housing Crisis. Below are the talks from that day

Input 1 from the day by Alison Gelder of Housing Justice

Input 2 by the Revd James Bryson, Anglican Borough Dean for Greenwich

Input 3 from the day by the Revd Graham Hunter, Vicar of St John’s, Hoxton

Input 4 by Theophilia Shaw , Public Policy Researcher for the Diocese of Southwark

A Panel Discussion explores: “What can be done in response?”

NB. It is our policy that all Capital Mass Videos are positive in nature and have a proactive focus towards finding solutions and offering support. This does not mean that all videos represented in this library are the views of the Board or Team at either Capital Mass, Church Urban Fund or The Diocese of London. London is a broad community of opinions with a wide breadth of theological and political view points and our videos seek to reflect that.

Resources and further reading

Become an Ethical Landlord


Habitat for Humanity

Faith in Affordable Housing

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Green Pastures

Please click here Green Pastures is a national social enterprise. We purchase property to lease to Christian charities and churches as well as mentoring them to support people in housing need out of homelessness. We currently house nearly 800 people through a network of 50 partners.

Mission Housing

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Housing Justice

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Hope into Action

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West London Mission

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The Centre for Theology and Community

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Habitat for Humanity

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