Isolation and the Elderly

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Learning Community: Visiting those who are Isolated

Our next Learning Community for Parishes addressing Isolation and the Elderly is on Thursday 19th September 18:30 - 20:30.

This learning community will increase your awareness of the extent of social isolation among older people and introduce you to a way that you can address it; through the Linking Lives visiting scheme.

It would be a pleasure if you could join us. Please Click Here

Get Together to Pray Together

Following on from the success of their call to churches to start conversations with older people who might be at risk of being lonely, six leading Christian Charities (which includes Capital Mass) have come together using the hashtag #Praytogether to encourage churches to play a major role in the Jo Cox Commission’s ongoing work around Loneliness and as part of the “Great Get Together” event from 16-18 June.

The “Great Get Together” encourages people to set up a neighbourhood celebration inspired by Jo Cox’s belief that we have “more in common”. We are calling on Churches to participate in a distinctively Christian way and to address the key issue of loneliness that older people face by “Getting Together to Pray Together” with the specific intent of involving older people.

Andy Burns, Executive Director of Capital Mass, commented:

“Last week a gentleman told me that his local church was the only place where he now encounters family since his wife died. Family, that sense of connection is the great offer of the church and what greater way is there to foster connection than to pray with and for all our guests.”

Please find the prayer resource below

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