You can help take a child refugee from #CrisisToClassroom in the UK

Crisis to Classroom

Why this matters:

Europe is facing a refugee crisis unprecedented since World War II. As more refugee children arrive in the UK, we know that education can change their lives.

In Syria and Iraq, schools have been destroyed, occupied by armed groups and used to shelter displaced people. Students and teachers have been targets of violence. As children have fled the conflict, they have lost months and years of education in camps and on their dangerous journeys to safety.

When they reach the UK, children tell us that it’s education that will help them rebuild their broken lives. Maryam, 15, from Syria, told us “with education, I start to think maybe I will have a future, maybe I will be me again”

We work with unaccompanied refugee children across London, supporting their education and emotional health through our educational mentoring schemes and specialist 1:1 support work.

The UK has committed to resettling 20,000 refugees from camps around Syria – prioritising vulnerable children, and there are many more refugee children already here. There is already a huge demand for our educational mentoring and support programmes for young refugees in the UK. But we don’t have the financial resources to meet the current need facing us.

Please help us to ensure refugee children in the UK get the education support they desperately need.

What your gift enables:

  • £30 enables a refugee child to complete a specialist initial assessment to determine their education, support and mentoring needs
  • £200 enables 10 volunteers to complete our initial training in educational mentoring for refugee children
  • £500 enables a refugee child to receive personalised 1:1 educational and emotional support from a trained mentor every week for six months
  • £5,000 enables us to operate a national education advice line for refugee children and youth for a year
  • £50,000 enables us to set up and run an educational mentoring and support programme for 50 refugee children for a whole year in an entirely new part of the UK

All of the money you donate will go directly to helping young refugees.


Zahra arrived in the UK from Syria aged 16 six months ago. She couldn’t speak English and was very withdrawn. She suffered with insomnia, and, when she could sleep, nightmares about what she had seen in Syria. Zahra was taken into the care of the Local Authority and referred to Refugee Support Network for educational and pastoral support.

We matched Zahra with an educational mentor, who has been helping her with her English and teaching her basic techniques to build her confidence every week. We liaised with the teachers in her school to ensure they understood her needs and were equipped to support her. One of our specialist support workers also meets with Zahra on a regular basis to help her learn how to manage her anxiety, and plan appropriately for the future.

Last week, Zahra said “most of the time I am feeling sad and stressed, but when I meet with my mentor, this is the time I start to feel relaxed and happy. Now I am getting help with my education I feel like maybe my life will be good again. Thank you for showing me that some people do care about me”.