Jesuit Refugee Service UK

Jesuit Refugee Service UK’s mission is to accompany asylum seekers and forced migrants, serve them as companions and advocate their cause. One of our growing concerns is for refugees who, after having escaped very difficult and tragic circumstances from their country, are then thrown onto the streets in London with no support and no permission to work after their asylum claim has been refused. Unfortunately we are seeing more and more of this.

People in a refugee support centre

After fleeing my country because of persecution and arriving in London in 2002, I never thought I would once again start living in fear without food or income, not knowing what tomorrow will bring until my asylum claim was refused.

I am one of the fortunate ones because I went to JRS who supported me with basics like food and hygiene products every week, assisted me until I was granted Refugee Status in 2010. I eventually graduated with honours and I am now working.


We need your help to continue to help people like Diana who are already in the UK and at our doorstep in a similar position or even worse off. £20 would provide an emergency food parcel to a newly destitute family, £120 would help sustain our essential toiletries scheme, £8.80 would pay for bus passes to travel to critical medical or legal appointments.

To donate and support destitute and homeless refugees, please go to []( “”)

Or text TTPT10 £(your amount) to 70070

Or send a cheque made payable to Jesuit Refugee Service toJesuit Refugee Service UK

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