Live Well Together- Growing Good Mental Health in your Church


Monday 18 November 2019, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Area of concern

Mental Health.


Solar House,
913 High Road
N12 8QJ

Live Well Together: Growing Good Mental Health in your Church Live Well Together is a workshop by Livability which gives your community the tools to grow good mental health.

Mental health is something we all have in common. Yours may be robust or shaky; rarely considered, or a top priority, but we all have it. And every day, many in our community face challenges big and small to their mental good health.

Increasingly, churches find themselves on the front line when it comes to mental health crises, and as a result there are courses that provide essential information about mental health challenges and the best approach to emergencies. But little is said about how churches can commit to wellbeing, develop healthy habits and a culture of openness and mutual support. We believe that working together, churches can become communities where we can all flourish.

This one-day workshop offers a chance to explore these questions and develop a plan of action to help each church grow good mental health as a community.

What does the day cover?

Together, we explore each community’s story, discuss views that can help or harm our approach to mental health, and offer a chance to reflect on what the Bible has to say. By the end of the day, participants will identify steps that their church can take to become a place where we can ‘live well together’.

We look at:

What is mental health? Exploring our community’s response When perceptions help or hinder Living well, with or without a diagnosis: Recovery Perspectives from the Bible What good support looks like Real life examples: What’s our response? Taking action together

Who is it for?

Live Well Together is a discussion- based workshop for anybody interested in helping their church develop mental health awareness and wellbeing, whether a member of the congregation or in leadership. It is designed be a starting point, aimed more at beginners than mental health professionals.

Those who experience mental ill-heath will be welcomed and valued, with no pressure to share. The workshop does cover emotive topics that may prove challenging to some. If you are concerned about suitability, please contact the team.

The training is designed to result in real, practical change, so we recommend that at least two people come from each church or community group.

Why choose Live Well Together?

Without a whole-church approach, mental health can be reduced to a crisis moment we respond to. But using the Live Well Together model, churches can build communities that don’t just react to crises, but flourish together day in and day out.

Attending this workshop will give you the time and space to reflect on your church’s response to mental health. It will give you simple models that you can start to use immediately. And it will give you the chance to share learning and concerns with others in similar situations.

The material has been developed with significant input from both those with lived experiences of mental ill health and mental health professionals.
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