Calling all Winter Night Shelters

Calling all Winter Night Shelters

07 January 2019 by Andy Burns in Homelessness.


  • Is your parish involved in hosting a Winter Night Shelter?


  • Do you or members in your parish, volunteer in the running of a Winter Night Shelter?

If you’ve answered YES to either of these questions then Capital Mass would like to offer you support in this vital ministry.

Following on from the 2018 Lent Appeal, it was requested by many of the Winter Night Shelter Parishes that Capital Mass coordinate and deliver 4 -5 networking and training evenings over 2019 in order to better resource what is the largest area of engagement in the Diocese.

Parishes were asking for training in areas such as; Mental Health, Move on, Challenging Behaviour as well as areas that arose over the year.

Parishes were also asking for opportunities to connect, share resources and to hear from partner organisations who can support them in their work.

So here we are - enthusiastically responding to what’s been asked.

What’s next?

If you are interested, please just lets us know by emailing Andy Burns

The initial thoughts are that gatherings will be hosted in the early evening somewhere central and consist of hospitality, networking, discussion groups and keynote speakers. What is discussed will be dictated by the parishes who attend in order that we are able to provide input directly into what you are experiencing.

We look forward to serving you

Andy Burns

Andy Burns

Andy Burns

Andy Burns is Executive Director of Capital Mass.

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