Tarn Bright

Tarn Bright

Tania Bright is Executive Director of Capital Mass.

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Help us Help you

09 May 2018 by Tarn Bright

92% increase in response to poverty

Let’s stay connected

08 May 2018 by Tarn Bright

Due to GDPR, we need you to sign up again so we can remain connected

Next Meal Launches

02 March 2018 by Tarn Bright

Ever asked for money? Do you have a smartphone?

Care Home Friends

06 September 2017 by Tarn Bright

Having a Care Home Friend has “transformed my life!”

A place where all are welcome

24 April 2017 by Tarn Bright

St Saviours Sunbury a compassionate church seeking to be part of the transform of its community.

Who gets your vote?

21 April 2017 by Tarn Bright

thoughts and reflections as you consider, who gets your vote?


27 February 2017 by Tarn Bright

A new network for growing practices and patterns of sustainable mission

A New Year of Hope

05 January 2017 by Tarn Bright

St Ann’s Tottenham, impacting their community

Walking on by..

15 September 2016 by Tarn Bright

Missing what’s happening through purposeful walking

Fullness of life together

02 March 2016 by Tarn Bright

The Fullness of Life Together Report for all involved in community development

The Launch of Capital Mass

26 November 2015 by Tarn Bright

Capital Mass launch fills the Crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral with life and compassionate vitality.

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