“Capital Mass makes it even easier to make an impact, it’s tailored so well to the C of E parish situation in London.” Revd Cameron Collington

Who is Capital Mass?

Capital Mass is a Joint Venture between Church Urban Fund and Diocese of London and aims to involve every parish church in the Diocese of London in tackling poverty and inequality. Capital Mass is part of the Church Urban Fund Together Network and falls squarely within the ambitions of Capital Vision 2020, particularly its core aim of becoming “more compassionate in serving communities with the love of God”.

Our Vision

We want to involve every parish in the Diocese of London in tackling poverty and inequality in their communities.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Our Motivation

Capital Mass’ motivation is rooted in, and sustained by our Christian Faith expressed through the Life, Message and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A life which models inclusion. A message which speaks of human flourishing and a sacrifice of love which reaches out to embrace the whole of London.

It is the same Christian Faith which has and continues to motivate tens of thousands of Londoners to demonstrate the love of God, whether through engaging government on issues of policy or acts of compassion and solidarity in their parishes.

Great people of the Christian Faith such as;

Fi Bidden who runs a Foodbank, Older People’s Project and ESOL classes in Ivybridge

Fr Ken Leech who founded the homelessness charity Centrepoint

Peter Thompson who establish a free legal advice centre in Muswell Hill

This is the same Christian Faith which motivates Capital Mass towards a vision of a city where all are recognised for their immeasurable worth and where all can flourish. This is the same Christian Faith which draws us into partnerships as together we seek the welfare of London.

The Challenge & Opportunity

London is a great world city and a source of wealth for many of its residents and the rest of the UK. However, it’s also a city of great inequality where the majority of London’s residents do not share in that wealth. The poorest 50% own less than 5% of London’s financial or property wealth; the richest 10% own 45% of the property wealth and 65% of the financial wealth. For many Londoners, poverty and inequality is a lived experience.

Web of Poverty

Web of Poverty CUF

We believe that people can be impoverished in different ways, experiencing a poverty of resources, relationship or identity. These problems are closely interlinked, trapping individuals and whole communities in a Web of Poverty

Church Urban Fund Through the Together Network (for which Capital Mass is apart of), a network of local relational partnerships, we work with churches, national and local government, charities and foundations, as well as individual supporters, to bring about positive change in communities.

Diocese of London: Capital Mass works with the 395 Diocese of London Parishes to help them to tackle poverty and inequality locally. Working with the Diocese we support over 14,000 Londoners who are facing Homelessness, Debt, Isolation, Food Poverty, Mental Health and Destitution.

Scale: The size of the Diocese creates opportunities with over 500 worshipping communities and 71,000 Anglicans on the electoral role in the Diocese reaching out to 3.5 million Londoners.

Breadth: The range of traditions within the Diocese means that our partnerships are broad and inclusive.

The A, B, C of Capital Mass

Capital Mass stands with London Churches acting as an Accelerant, Broker and Catalyst; as together we tackle this rising tide of poverty and inequality.

Capital Mass will primarily focus its efforts in brokering mutually beneficial relationships. Connecting Parishes, Parishioners and Partners together in order to promote learning, action and collaboration for the benefit of London.

The Capital Mass Way

Listening: Through listening, Capital Mass seeks to understand and then equip parishes.

Learning: Through learning and sharing, Capital Mass builds up and amplifies the rich talent in London.

Connecting: Through connecting, Capital Mass brokers relationships with the rich talent already in London.

Celebrating: Through celebrating, Capital Mass gives recognition to all who seek the wellbeing of the city.

Measures of Success

To raise awareness

  • of the activities of our parishes and ecumenical partners minimising duplication and maximising collaboration.

  • of the deep pool of resources in London through partner organisations. Minimising “reinventing the wheel”.

  • of the issues across London through connecting parishes and parishioners to the leading experts in those fields.

To raise participation

  • of the number of projects and ministries across London delivered through the Diocese addressing poverty and inequality.

  • of the number of Parishes in the Diocese addressing poverty and inequality.

  • of the number of Parishioners in the Diocese addressing poverty and inequality.

Trustee Reports

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Registered UK Charity: 1159501