Mental Health and Poverty


Thursday 18 May 2017, 5:30PM - 8:00PM


London Diocesan House,
36 Causton Street


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Health, Mental Health.



Mental Health and Poverty

Many people in the UK live in poverty. Many people will experience a mental health problem each year. What’s the link between the two? Iris Elliot, head of policy and research at The Mental Health Foundation explains:

“What we know is that for people who are either experiencing poverty or feel like they’re at risk of falling into poverty that that’s an extremely stressful place for them to be. The poverty in and of itself can cause mental health problems, both for the adults living within the household, but it also has a direct effect on children who are part of that family unit as well.

“Then for people who have mental health problems we know that because of stigma and discrimination as well as the disruption to their lives that is caused by having mental health problems, they may fall into poverty because they have disrupted education or it’s difficult for them either to find work or sustain work. It can also be difficult for them to secure housing, so there’s a lot of instability for some people who have mental health problems. Poverty and mental health have a two-way relationship.”

This is why Capital Mass has drawn together experts from across the Diocese of London to inspire and challenges as we seek how best to bring hope, peace, comfort and a way forward to those we serve.

The evening’s presentations will start at 6pm and go through to 8pm following a Ted Lecture format of punchy and challenging 12-minute talks to raise our confidence and competence as well as sparking interest to dig deeper into the topics presented. The offer from Capital Mass is that the topics raised can be explored further in future learning communities.

The doors will open at 5:30 for light refreshments.

Speakers & Themes

Sian Brooks

Sian Brooks Mental Health and Older People

Sian is Integrated Care Project Team Manager at Age UK Sian’s passion for older people grew when she began working on a voluntary basis in her local community, pioneering and managing a project to combat loneliness amongst older people in Kentish Town. This project has grown through the presence of St Luke’s Kentish Town and still provides much needed support to over 50 older people on a weekly basis. Sian has worked on the management team at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a Care Home for the Chelsea Pensioners. Following this, Sian joined Age UK in September 2014 where she still works supporting the development of a community-based programme looking to improve well-being for older people at the same time as relieving pressures on health and social care.

Catherine Burns

Catherine Burns Effects of Poor Mental Health on the life chances of Young people

Catherine is the Hub Manager at Windsor Girls School, Leading on the school’s pastoral provision supporting students to overcome barriers to their learning. Catherine facilitates an innovative programme of 1-1 coaching/mentoring sessions and group work to support emotional well-being. Responding to safeguarding and child protection concerns and working in partnership with other agencies to support the student and parents.
Catherine is a qualified coach and previously ran a Children’s and Families Charity as well as offering professional supervision to youth workers and frontline case workers.

The Revd Sally Horner

The Revd Sally Horner "Oh Oh, what do I say now…" Having confidence to engage

Revd Sally Horner is Chaplain in Department of Spiritual and Pastoral Care at West London Mental Health NHS Trust Previous to ordained ministry, Sally worked as a storyteller, singer and with adults with mental health and learning difficulties in a number of settings. After her curacy she became a mental healthcare chaplain, working in both local and forensic settings for men, women and adolescents, for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Whilst is Nottingham, Sally contributed to Opening Minds, a diocesan mental health strategy group in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. Sally is currently a chaplain with West London Mental Health NHS Trust, where she specialises in forensic mental health spiritual and pastoral care, at West London Forensic Services, St Bernard’s Hospital.

Corin Pilling

Corin Pilling Covering our Assets: Strength Based Approaches to Mental Health in Church

Corin Pilling leads Livabilty’s Community Engagement Team, working with churches to strengthen community and tackle isolation across the UK. Corin spent 20 years working with people impacted by homelessness and mental health issues, developing learning and employment projects to aid recovery.

Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan The Wellbeing Report

Ben Ryan is a Researcher at the Christian Think Tank Theos and the author of several Theos reports including A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK and A Soul for the Union. He holds degrees in Theology from the University of Cambridge and European Politics from the LSE. Apart from his work at Theos he is also a trustee of CSAN (the Caritas Social Action Network). For the past few months he has been leading a small research project on religion and mental health, building on previous Theos research into religion and wellbeing.

Jo Stilwell

Jo Stilwell Mental Health and the Family

Jo is a director of Kids Matter. The Kids Matter Parenting Programme has been designed to enable local churches reach the vulnerable and isolated families with whom they would like to build new or stronger connections. Kids Matter improves parental skills and confidence as well as providing an ongoing community for the families who may not easily access other resources in their community. Jo helps to lead a church in SW London with her husband and is passionate to see people in her local community connected and flourishing. In the last few years, Jo has worked for organisations supporting disadvantaged new parents and young adults to develop their skills and confidence. She and her husband have three grown up children.

Revd Will Van Der Hart

Revd Will Van Der Hart A Theology of Mental Health

Will is Pastoral Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton and a director of Mind and Soul. His interest in emotional health is wide-ranging, reflecting his broad experience in a variety of pastoral contexts. Will is an integrative and practical bible teacher who speaks at a number of national forums. He is passionate about equipping church leaders to look after their own emotional health as well as empowering them to manage the emotional needs of their congregations. - See more at Mind and Soul.

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